Приемлемая форма обращения

Poland is one of the countries whose people had suffered most of all during WWII : concentration camps, cities and towns totally demolished, millions of people viciously murdered by Nazis and their supporters. This seems to be impossible to forget, let alone forgive. Apparently not for current Polish ministers who are ready to rewrite history for political reasons.

For one, take Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland Omilanowska. She has received a letter from German Minister for Foreign Affairs Steinmeier, who recommends that she withdraw from UNESCO some documents concerning the Massacre of Poles in Volhynia – horrifying events of 1943 when Ukrainian nationalists slaughtered more than 100 thousand ethnic Poles. He urges her to do that so as not to undermine the united stance of European countries on Ukrainian issue.


Mrs Omilanowska seems to have followed Steinmeier’s recommendation, considering that the documents have not been made public by UNESCO.

It’s rather manifest, isn’t it? Still, what could be more detestable than carrying out the instructions of Foreign Ministry of the country that had killed millions of your fellow-citizens? Well, it could only be recognizing the murderers responsible for the genocide of your people as heroes!

That is exactly what Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Grzegorz Schetyna has done. He publicly supported the initiative of Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada to recognize the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists as freedom fighters. For information, militants from those organizations have been officially blamed for the Volhynia massacre. To make matters worse, Schetyna did this on the order from US Ambassador to Warsaw Mull, which caused ‘soaring discontent among both the people and politicians of Poland’. And now he is compelled to beg his American patron John Kerry for protection.


What else are Polish ministers capable of in their strive to follow the political course imposed from outside? Hopefully they do have at least some semblance of morality…